AETHERIAL unveils epic new single 'Soulless'
After a three-year hiatus, darkwave death metal duo AETHERIAL is back with an epic new anthem, 'Soulless', and it's worth every second of the wait.
'Soulless', along with its enthralling video, draws from the best elements of AETHERIAL's previous two albums, yet stands apart as a uniquely intense six-minute symphony. Instead of the band's typical furious chaos, the track takes a different path: a melodic slow burn with uplifting guitar lines and a sense of space. 'Soulless' is a beautifully devastating masterpiece.
This new anthem explores the growing sense of discontentment in our society, emphasizing that true freedom and strength can only be found within oneself, not in external factors or other people.
The atmospheric video for 'Soulless', shot and produced locally by AETHERIAL, complements the song with an ethereal lighting backdrop. The recording, production, mixing, and mastering of the track were all meticulously handled by Asher Ally.
Interested fans can watch the 'Soulless' video here.
Mark your calendars as 'Soulless' is set to release on the longest night, The Winter Solstice, June 22. It will be available on the AETHERIAL's official website and on all usual online platforms.