New Metal Albums Releases

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Fall February 23, 2024 Borknagar Fall Label: Century Media Records
Persona Non Grata February 23, 2024 Decrowned Persona Non Grata Label: Rockshots Records
Hardgore Deathmetal January 26, 2024 Corpse Pile Hardgore Deathmetal Label: Maggot Stomp
Lightless January 26, 2024 Vipassi Lightless Label: Season of Mist
Suffer & Become January 26, 2024 Vitriol Suffer & Become Label: Century Media Records
Mycelium January 26, 2024 Manticora Mycelium Label: Mighty Music
No Solution, No Salvation January 19, 2024 Methedrine No Solution, No Salvation Label: Time to Kill Records
All Witches Shall Burn January 05, 2024 Panzerchrist All Witches Shall Burn Label: Emanzipation Productions
Instrumentality December 29, 2023 Chaos Sanctuary Instrumentality Label: Independent
Existential December 14, 2023 Cosmophobe Existential Label: Independent
Epilogue(s) November 17, 2023 Celeste Epilogue(s) Label: Nuclear Blast
Shadows in the Abyss November 07, 2023 Empire Of Disease Shadows in the Abyss Label: Xtreem Music
Symptoms of Survival November 03, 2023 Dying Wish Symptoms of Survival Label: SharpTone Records
Cursed Mortality November 03, 2023 Carnation Cursed Mortality Label: Season of Mist
Hardgore Haunted October 28, 2023 Corpse Pile Hardgore Haunted Label: Independent
Riddles of the Sycophants October 27, 2023 Ghosts Of Atlantis Riddles of the Sycophants Label: Hammerheart Records
American Gothic October 27, 2023 Wayfarer American Gothic Label: Profound Lore Records
Where the Silence Reigns October 14, 2023 As The Sun Falls Where the Silence Reigns Label: Independent
Ruiner October 13, 2023 Krieg Ruiner Label: Profound Lore Records
Stalked by Daemons October 13, 2023 State Of Deceit Stalked by Daemons Label: Eclipse Records
On Thorns I Lay October 13, 2023 On Thorns I Lay On Thorns I Lay Label: Season of Mist
Tombs of the Blind Dead October 13, 2023 Human Prey Tombs of the Blind Dead Label: Independent
Songs for Satan October 06, 2023 Dopelord Songs for Satan Label: Blues Funeral Recordings
Below the Summit September 29, 2023 Sinnery Below the Summit Label: Exitus Stratagem Records