New Metal Albums Releases

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1977 May 26, 2023 Sirenia 1977 Label: Napalm Records
Seiðr May 26, 2023 Pandrador Seiðr Label: Pagan Records
Ashes of Doom May 26, 2023 Stormage Ashes of Doom Label: El Puerto Records
Delusion May 26, 2023 Carry the Torch Delusion Label: Black Lion Records
War Against All May 26, 2023 Immortal War Against All Label: Nuclear Blast
Wolf at the Door May 26, 2023 Tresspass Wolf at the Door Label: From the Vaults
Phantomime May 19, 2023 Ghost Phantomime Label: Loma Vista Recordings
Where Chaos Thrives May 19, 2023 Chronicle Where Chaos Thrives Label: Mighty Music
Hail the Abyss May 19, 2023 Thulcandra Hail the Abyss Label: Napalm Records
Terrasite May 12, 2023 Cattle Decapitation Terrasite Label: Metal Blade Records
Bloodlines May 05, 2023 Tygers of Pan Tang Bloodlines Label: Mighty Music
Nostalgia May 05, 2023 Enforcer Nostalgia Label: Nuclear Blast
Last of Hardmouthed Poets April 28, 2023 Vantablack Warship Last of Hardmouthed Poets Label: Bam&Co-Heavy
Constant to Death April 28, 2023 Necronomicon Constant to Death Label: El Puerto Records
Voyage April 21, 2023 Tanith Voyage Label: Metal Blade Records
Arcane Paths to Resurrection April 21, 2023 Decipher Arcane Paths to Resurrection Label: Transcending Obscurity Records
Invisible Queen April 14, 2023 Holy Moses Invisible Queen Label: Fireflash Records
72 Seasons April 14, 2023 Robert Trujillo On 72 Seasons 72 Seasons Label: Blackened Recordings
72 Seasons April 14, 2023 Metallica 72 Seasons Label: Blackened Recordings
Bleeding of the Hideous April 04, 2023 Yskelgroth Bleeding of the Hideous Label: Xtreem Music
Apocalypse March 31, 2023 Rotten Sound Apocalypse Label: Season of Mist
The Living and the Dead March 24, 2023 Cruachan The Living and the Dead Label: Despotz Records
More Inspirations March 24, 2023 Saxon More Inspirations Label: Silver Lining Music
Dypet March 24, 2023 Mork Dypet Label: Peaceville Records