New Metal Albums Releases

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Broken Human Kingdom July 20, 2024 NYCTOPHAGIA Broken Human Kingdom Label: Lifeless Chasm Records
III July 19, 2024 Uprising III Label: AOP Records
Agents of Doom July 16, 2024 Ireful Agents of Doom Label: Xtreem Music
La France des maudits July 14, 2024 Seth La France des maudits Label: Season of Mist
Nightfloating July 12, 2024 Forgotten Tomb Nightfloating Label: Agonia Records
Divine Miasmata July 12, 2024 Disloyal Divine Miasmata Label: Black Lion Records
Die for Us July 12, 2024 Werewolves Die for Us Label: Independent
Capricorn Rising July 12, 2024 Thirteen Goats Capricorn Rising Label: Exitus Stratagem Records
Congenital Depravity July 10, 2024 CRANIAL DISORDER Congenital Depravity Label: Lethal Scissor Records
Contagion Zero July 05, 2024 Horned Almighty Contagion Zero Label: Soulseller Records
The Order of Fear July 05, 2024 Orden Ogan The Order of Fear Label: Reigning Phoenix Music
Affiliation of Horrid Containment July 05, 2024 Sijjeel Affiliation of Horrid Containment Label: Comatose Music
Decimator July 05, 2024 Kryptos Decimator Label: AFM Records
A Reckoning July 05, 2024 Arx Atrata A Reckoning Label: Independent
Pirates II - Armada July 05, 2024 Visions Of Atlantis Pirates II - Armada Label: Napalm Records
Entabeni July 05, 2024 Vulvodynia Entabeni Label: Unique Leader Records
Visions of Collapse July 05, 2024 Liminal Shroud Visions of Collapse Label: Willowtip Records
Fossil Gardens June 28, 2024 Hail Spirit Noir Fossil Gardens Label: Agonia Records
Manual Manic Procedures June 28, 2024 200 Stab Wounds Manual Manic Procedures Label: Metal Blade Records
Violence Inherent in the System June 28, 2024 Noxis Violence Inherent in the System Label: Rotted Life Records
The Host June 21, 2024 Portrait The Host Label: Metal Blade Records
Tales of Woe June 21, 2024 Codex Mortis Tales of Woe Label: Black Lion Records
Ruins of the Falling World June 21, 2024 Escalation Ruins of the Falling World Label: Via Nocturna
Les chants de l'aurore June 21, 2024 Alcest Les chants de l'aurore Label: Nuclear Blast