AS THE SUN FALLS Teases 'Among the Stars' Single
AS THE SUN FALLS, the melodic death metal collaboration hailing from Switzerland and Finland, has recently shared a captivating video teaser for 'Among the Stars', a standout track from their forthcoming record, Kaamos. This eagerly anticipated album is scheduled for release on May 3 via Theogonia Records, marking a significant addition to the band's discography.
Kaamos is a showcase of AS THE SUN FALLS' ability to blend melancholic melodies with the raw intensity of death metal, creating a unique sound that resonates with fans across the globe. The album opens with 'Indrøø', setting the tone for a journey through dark, emotive landscapes. 'Among the Stars', the track highlighted in the teaser, promises to be a highlight, offering listeners a blend of aggressive riffs and haunting melodies.
The tracklist continues to explore the depths of melodic death metal with songs like 'Black Lakes', 'In Forlorn Times', and 'The Wanderer'. 'Aurora' and 'Through Sorrow and Grief' further delve into the band's exploration of despair and beauty, leading to 'Into the Shadows' and 'Silver Shining'. The album concludes with 'The Great Cold' and the titular track 'Kaamos', wrapping up a total runtime of immersive metal storytelling.
AS THE SUN FALLS' upcoming album Kaamos is not just a collection of songs but a meticulously crafted experience, with 'Among the Stars' serving as a beacon for what listeners can expect. As the release date draws near, the teaser video only heightens anticipation, promising an album filled with both brutality and beauty, a hallmark of AS THE SUN FALLS' artistry.