BELUSHI SPEED BALL Unleashes 'Stellkira' Fury
BELUSHI SPEED BALL, the thrash/crossover sensation from the USA, is gearing up to drop their latest sonic bomb, 'Stellkira', on May 10th, in a move that sees the band taking the DIY route to production. This album is set to be a rollercoaster ride of high-octane energy and unapologetic fun, blending aggressive riffs with a sense of humor that's as sharp as the music is loud.
Kicking things off with 'My Favorite Color Is Pizza', the album immediately establishes its irreverent tone, promising a mix of thrash metal ferocity and crossover appeal that's as infectious as it is unique. 'This is the Peak' and 'Eels and Escalators' continue this trend, offering up tracks that are as memorable for their titles as they are for their blistering guitar work and breakneck pacing.
Tracks like 'Get to the Point' and 'Glass Bones and Paper Skin IV' showcase BELUSHI SPEED BALL's ability to mix intensity with intricate musicianship, while 'The Adventures of Rick and Mortarion' and 'Garth, Let My Family Go' dive into narrative-driven territories, blending storytelling with sonic assaults.
'Griffith Did Literally Everything Wrong' and 'The Hash Slinging Slasher' add to the album's lore, creating a universe within 'Stellkira' that's as engaging to explore as it is to listen to. Closing out with 'The Accountant's Due (Stab the Katana)' and 'Tater Tot Eyes', BELUSHI SPEED BALL ensures that the album ends on a high note, leaving listeners craving more.
With 'Stellkira', BELUSHI SPEED BALL is not just releasing an album; they're issuing a statement. In a genre that often takes itself too seriously, they remind us of the power of music to entertain, to surprise, and to bring people together in a mosh pit of shared enthusiasm. 'Stellkira' is set to be a milestone in their career, a testament to their talent, and a beacon for the thrash/crossover scene. Get ready to have your world rocked.