BRIGATA VENDETTA shakes the scene with '1000 Cuts'
>BRIGATA VENDETTA, a new force in the Bay Area music scene, featuring members from Harrington Saints and Bum City Saints, has released their latest single, '1000 Cuts'. The track is a standout piece from their upcoming debut LP 'This is How Democracy Dies', set for release on February 2nd, with pre-orders starting January 12th.
Frontman and bassist Darrel Wojick explains the single's thematic depth, '1000 Cuts' is a commentary on the incompetence and corruption in Congress. The song's powerful lyrics - 'Lie, cheat and steal / Then feign ignorance / Death by a thousand cuts' - resonate with the frustrations many feel towards the current political landscape.
Formed at the end of 2022, BRIGATA VENDETTA brings together Darrel Wojick and guitarist Mike Caputo, known for their work in Harrington Saints, and Bum City Saints drummer Brian Zobel. The trio is creating a new sound, heavily influenced by 80s punk and hardcore, diverging from the Oi! sound of Harrington Saints or the rock & roll style of Suede Razors. This fresh direction is set to attract both long-time fans and a new audience of hardcore enthusiasts, revitalizing the genre with their energetic approach.