CHRONICLE unveils melodic death metal mastery with 'Where Chaos Thrives'
Adding to the standout moments of 2023, CHRONICLE has made a significant impact with the release of their third full-length album 'Where Chaos Thrives'. The Danish band's latest offering is sending waves through the melodic and technical death metal scene, pushing the boundaries of brutality and technicality.
The album, which is released today, marks a new high point for CHRONICLE, showcasing the band's evolution and progress. The superior production, mixing and mastering by Tue Madsen, known for his work with Meshuggah, The Haunted, and The Black Dahlia Murder, accentuates the band's brutal sound, while Samuel Nelson's artwork adds a stunning visual dimension.
CHRONICLE's sound is a relentless blend of melodic death metal and technical thrash elements. The band's recipe for heaviness includes lightning-fast drums, soaring solos, and catchy guitar harmonies, served up by experienced musicians who have a passion for live performances. Their onstage energy is contagious, demonstrating their commitment to making each show a unique experience for their fans.
The Danish metal outfit has built a strong reputation through their performances at top metal events and festivals throughout Denmark and Germany, reflecting their growing influence in the international metal scene.
'Where Chaos Thrives' signifies a notable milestone in CHRONICLE's journey. The album serves as a potent testament to the band's mastery of extreme metal, destined to be remembered in the annals of death metal. Fans can prepare for a veritable onslaught of death metal sweeping winds with this latest offering.
The album is out now on LP, with a limited edition black vinyl of 300 copies, CD, and digital formats, via Mighty Music. Be prepared for a remarkable ride into the world of death metal, as 'Where Chaos Thrives' brings CHRONICLE's exceptional skills and passion to the forefront.
CHRONICLE's lineup includes Lars Bo Nepper on guitar and vocals, Sebastian Skousgaard on guitar, Jacob Wammen on bass and vocals, and Jari S. Holopainen on drums, each member bringing their own unique flair to the band's sound.