DEFYING's haunting melody 'Tempus Infaustum' is out now
Formed in 2008, DEFYING has been a significant presence in the metal scene for 15 years, and they're now gearing up to release their highly anticipated album, 'Wadera'. This latest offering includes the haunting single 'Tempus Infaustum', which showcases the band's unique blend of post-metal, progressive metal, sludge, and black metal, with ambient elements.
The concept album, 'Wadera', draws inspiration from the Polish horror film 'The Wolf' (1983) and the short story 'Wadera' (1977) by Jerzy Gierałtowski. It's a musical narrative of revenge from beyond the grave, told through the lens of dark romanticism. DEFYING has taken meticulous steps to capture a 19th-century ambiance, using traditional equipment and vintage instruments, including a zither and hunting horn. The band members state, 'Our goal was to make "Wadera" sound like an old film tape.'
Set for digital and CD release on February 23, 2024, by the Italian label These Hands Melt, fans can pre-order starting January 26, 2023. The album features guest artists Tymon Urbańczyk and Natalia Semeniuk, adding depth to the already rich soundscapes. Below, you can watch the video for 'Tempus Infaustum', also available on all major streaming platforms.
1. Tempus Infaustum
2. …miast cichać szemrają…
3. The Fugue
4. Incomprehensibly Woken
5. The Acquaintance Shade
6. The Lurking Spectres
7. Cremaberis Igne AeternoI
8. Reluctant To The Grave
9. Misbegotten
10. Quietus
Piotr Stępiński – guitars, vocals
Szymon Stadniczenko – guitars, clean vocals
Paweł Siemaszko – bass guitar, vocals (backing)
Tomasz Semeniuk – drums, programming