DRAIN OF IMPURITY premiered a stormy brand new video 'Infinite Recycle Of Morbid Breed'
Ankara, Turkey-based brutal death metal outfit DRAIN OF IMPURITY (Cenotaph, Anal Stabwound) premiere a new lyric video for “Infinite Recycle Of Morbid Breed”, taken from the band's brand new album "Beneath The Maze Of Infinite Equilibrium", which was released January 10, 2023.
Check out now "Infinite Recycle Of Morbid Breed" streaming via YouTube and Spotify for you now below.
The album "Beneath The Maze Of Infinite Equilibrium" is a masterclass of extreme metal, combining technicality, sheer brutality and haunting melodies into a perfect concoction of metal mayhem. The title track of the album immediately grabs the listener’s attention with its pummeling drums and searing riffs. The track builds up to a powerful chorus with vocalist Deniz Altiok’s signature growls.
For fans of extreme metal, this new album from Drain of Impurity is sure to be a hit. With its relentless brutality and technicality, this album is sure to satisfy even the most hardened death metal fans. From the first riffs of the opening track to the closing notes of the last, this album serves as a testament to why this band is one of the most exciting bands in the heavy metal scene.