DUB WAR presents music video 'Get Back Up'

DUB WAR, a ragga metal band featuring FAITH NO MORE’s Mike Bordin is released a new video for their new song ‘Get Back Up’, taken from their upcoming album ‘Westgate Under Fire’.

DUB WAR can be very intense and driving, which is really appreciated. DUB WAR plays a perfect blend of metal, punk rock, and reggae. There are definitely some dub elements in this album as well. Some of the songs are a bit faster-paced, but most of the songs have a smooth steady beat that is easy to listen to and headbang with. This album falls into my favorite metal category for metalheads who want to be exposed to some different music outside of metal.

'Get Back Up' has this raunchy, dirty feel to it, but it also has some great, big rock guitars and other loud instrumentation throughout. Check out the video below and hopefully, you'll get a taste of what the band is all about. The album is slated to be released later this summer, so we'll have to wait to see how well it holds up.

The video is pretty straightforward, with the band playing in their own music venue. There’s an energy to the track that makes sitting down impossible. It’s a hard-hitting track with a spike of ska to keep it interesting and make it stand out from the growing pile of hard rock and heavy metal songs out there now.

'Get Back Up' is an awesome song and Mike Bordin’s drumming on it is a huge highlight. If you’re a fan of authentic, old-school, classic heavy metal that sounds like it was recorded in the late 70s-early 80s then absolutely pick up this record.