FOLKRIM released the lyric video 'Crack a Cold One'

It is true! FOLKRIM is back with more alcohol, more adventures, and more stories to tell! And today is Friday, a perfect occasion to crack open a cold one!

The agreement between FOLKRIM and Inverse Records was made and has thus far led to a new album titled 'On Foaming Waves' promised for the end of the year and the single with a lyric video 'Crack a Cold One', launched today:

The band had some thoughts about the last album and the new single:

Over a year has passed since our previous release. It’s been a year of hard work, but we’ve emerged with a freshly forged album full of frosty drinking songs.

Following in the wake of the last album, we’ve mined more gold from the depths.

Our first single from the coming release, “Crack A Cold One”, is keeping to the laid-out path; telling a tale of joy and friendship.

Let it echo through streets and pubs, heralding what's to come! “On Foaming Waves”, the upcoming, loosely pirate-themed album, will be a heavier union of metal and traditional music.

The thing hits home like a cold beer on a summer day! We’ve joined forces with Inverse Records and look forward to seeing where cooperation leads us.

But for now, let’s throw away our sorrows and crack a cold one!

The 'Crack A Cold One' single is also currently available on Bandcamp.