GOTHMINISTER are proud to present their new single 'Pandemonium'

GOTHMINISTER, the highly appreciated gothic metal band with roots in Norway, has released a new single, 'Pandemonium'.

GOTHMINISTER is a dark gothic/industrial band with special penchants for surprises, a unique „live“ sound, and an extraordinary look. Today they have become a downright phenomenon, with appearances at festivals like Hellfest, Summerbreeze, and Wacken Open Air also under their belt.

'Pandemonium' takes us back to the gothic era from around 1880: a new threat has overshadowed the kingdom of GOTHMINISTER. The old and evil king becomes the target of his own people who want him gone. They want to spread chaos and mayhem throughout the land, just to light a fire under their stubborn leader.

GOTHMINISTER has definitely opted for bringing out the dark and mysterious side of "Pandemonium" with the orchestras, choirs, and the dramatic piano melody in combination with the raw but exciting guitar riffs. The melodic chorus takes us directly to the heart of this composition, while the music video inserts some appealing visuals to give a typically GOTHMINISTER feeling.

The band mastermind reveals:

“A lot of the scenes in the music video were recorded in an old gothic church, Jakobs Culture Church (Kulturkirken Jakob) in the city center of Oslo, Norway. The church was built in 1880 and in 1980 the bishop of Oslo wanted to tear it down. The church was saved and preserved by the Directorate for Cultural Heritage, and is now home for rock and metal concerts every weekend.”

“Pandemonium is one of the heaviest but also one of the longest songs Gothminister has ever released. We are excited to see what the fans think about this new sound. In a time where TikTok and other social media channels promote music snippets lasting only a few seconds, we wanted to do the opposite by introducing the new album with a more than 5 and a half minute long opening track…”

With 'Pandemonium', GOTHMINISTER proves they are still master musicians in their genre. Fans of classic gothic rock are sure to love this song, as well as the upcoming album. The instrumentation, artwork, and vibe created by GOTHMINISTER reels in fans of dark music. They aren't going for the "glistening vampires" approach that some musicians may use; instead, they go for a darker feel. This style is both timeless and passionate, so the fans won't be disappointed.