HELLWITCH drops lyric video for thrilling new track 'Solipsistic Immortality'
Fort Lauderdale's death/thrash metal maestros, HELLWITCH, have released a gripping lyric video for their latest track, 'Solipsistic Immortality'. The video, produced by Jeremy Staska, captures the intense and chaotic energy that the band is known for.
"'Solipsistic Immortality', the opening track on 'Annihilational Intercention', questions the existence of everything that our minds cannot perceive," frontman Pat Ranieri shared about the new song. He describes the relentless and bombastic riffing as the battle between the seen and unseen realities, encouraging listeners to 'live it!'
HELLWITCH's upcoming third full-length studio album, 'Annihilational Intercention', is set for a digital release on June 2nd, 2023, through Listenable Records. The album will also be available in CD and vinyl LP formats from June 30th.
Recorded at Studio 13 in Fort Lauderdale with producer Jeremy Staska, the album promises a range of tracks dating from 1985 to the present. Frontman Pat Ranieri hints at a resuscitated track from 1985 titled 'Hellwitch', and new offerings such as 'Delegated Disruption', 'Epochal Cessation', and 'Solipsistic Immortality', depicting the timeless torture embodied by HELLWITCH.
The cover artwork, designed by Stefan Todorovic of Khaos Dictator Design, represents a grim prediction for the future of mankind. According to Ranieri, it illustrates the final stages of mankind's punishment, depicting a world devastated by human follies.
The tracklist of 'Annihilational Intercention' includes 'Solipsistic Immortality', 'Delegated Disruption', 'Megalopalypytic Confine', 'Sorcerous Imminence', 'Hellwitch', 'Epochal Cessation', 'Anthropophagi', 'At Rest', 'Torture Chamber', and a cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd's 'Sweet Home Alabama' as a bonus track for the vinyl LP.
HELLWITCH's line-up features Pat Ranieri on vocals and guitars, J.P. Brown on guitars, and Brian Wilson on drums. The band has also filmed a music video for the track 'Delegated Disruption'.
With 'Annihilational Intercention', HELLWITCH continues to deliver the heavy, powerful sound that has become their signature, showing the world of metal what they're made of.