HOUR OF PENANCE Drops 'Spiralling Into Decline'
Italian tech-death powerhouse HOUR OF PENANCE has just unveiled a lyric video for 'Spiralling Into Decline', the intense closing track from their latest album, "Devotion". Released in April via Agonia Records, this song reflects the relentless brutality that the band is known for and tackles themes resonant with today's tumultuous global landscape.
The track paints a grim picture of a world teetering on the brink of conflict, driven by the callousness of its leaders. According to HOUR OF PENANCE, 'Spiralling Into Decline' is a commentary on how these leaders manipulate populations into chaos through deceit and disinformation, pushing society ever closer to destruction.
"Devotion" showcases the formidable lineup of Giulio Moschini on guitars, Paolo Pieri on vocals and guitars, Marco Mastrobuono on bass, and features the debut of new drummer Giacomo Torti. The recording sessions took place across Bloom Studio and Kick Studio in Italy, with mixing and mastering by the renowned Hertz Studio in Poland, known for their work with top extreme metal bands like Vader, Decapitated, and Behemoth. The latest visuals for the band were captured by photographer Massimiliano Rocchi, adding a visual depth to the album's complex themes.
1. Devotion for Tyranny
2. Parasitic Chain of Command
3. Birthright Abolished
4. Retaliate
5. Breathe the Dust of their Dead
6. The Morality of Warfare
7. Severance
8. The Ravenous Heralds
9. A Desert Called Peace
10. Spiralling into Decline
Upcoming shows:
30/10/2024: Barcelona – Sala Upload, ES
31/10/2024: Zaragoza – Sala Utopia, ES
01/11/2024: Portugalete – Estudios Groove. ES
02/11/2024: Oviedo – Sala Gong Galaxy, ES
03/11/2024: Madrid – Sala Silikona, ES
13/12/2024: Eindhoven Metal Meeting, NL
Giulio Moschini – guitars
Paolo Pieri – guitars and vocals
Marco Mastrobuono – bass
Giacomo Torti – drums