KIKO LOUREIRO & PLINI's stunning new track 'Out of the Void'
The collaboration between KIKO LOUREIRO, possibly former Megadeth guitarist, and the virtuoso musician PLINI has culminated in the release of their new instrumental single, 'Out Of The Void'. Reported by LugalKiEn at 9:41 AM on January 6, 2024, this track is a testament to their combined talent.
Crafted by Neural DSP, 'Out Of The Void' showcases the impressive capabilities of their Quad Cortex. The track, a product of Loureiro and Plini's creative genius, features Bruno Valverde on drums and is mixed and mastered by Adam Bentley.
The release has been met with overwhelming enthusiasm from fans, who are eagerly anticipating a full album from these two musical powerhouses. The accompanying video, produced by Silent Paprika Films, adds a visual depth to the track's intricate soundscapes.