KRASHKARMA Releases '15 Minutes of Pain': A Journey of Metal Mastery
KrashKarma, the talented duo from Los Angeles, has released their highly anticipated album 'Falling To Pieces' on June 23rd, marking a new chapter in their musical journey. Their latest music video '15 Minutes of Pain' promises a glimpse into the unique creativity and commitment that have been infused into the new album. The band's multi-faceted abilities extend from the creation to the presentation of their music, with every song crafting a narrative that is compelling and larger-than-life.
The album features 12 tracks and offers a listening experience that is replete with soaring melodies, crushing riffs, and blistering solos. The band describes their new album as a testament to their passion and creativity, and aims to inspire listeners to push their own boundaries in music. With this release, KRASHKARMA is all set to embark on a tour across the EU and the USA, promising fans a live rendition of their latest music.
Fans of Lacuna Coil, In Flames, and Stone Sour are in for a treat with 'Falling To Pieces'. '15 Minutes of Pain', the album’s key track, serves as an embodiment of the album’s innovative approach to heavy metal, punk, rock, and even classical music. The title, inspired by Andy Warhol’s quote "15 Minutes Of Fame", adds a touch of introspection to the high energy performance.
In additional news, KrashKarma recently wrapped up their EU tour dates with Butcher Babies and will be going stateside in July and back for more European dates in August and September with more to be announced. (dates listed below).
Tour Dates:​
July 19 – Sunshine Studios – Colorado Springs, CO USA
July 21 – King Of Clubs – Columbus, OH USA
July 22 – Nicstock – Norwich, NY USA
August 3 – Queyrock Open Air Festival – Ginestet, FRANCE
August 16 – Malmofestivalen Rock Stage – Malmo, SWEDEN
August 18 – Backstage ROCKS – Högbo, SWEDEN
September 1 – Alhambra – Luckenwalde, GERMANY
September 2 – Merseburger Rocknacht – Merseburg, GERMANY
September 21 – Le Brin De Zinc – Barberaz, FRANCE
September 25 – Cherrydon – Marseille, FRANCE
September 30 – Handi Rock Bike Festival – FRANCE
November 3-5 – Horns Up Metal Cruise – Oslo, NORWAY
Niki Skistimas – Drums/Vocals
Ralf Dietel – Guitar/Bass/Vocals