KRIEG Shatters Silence With 'Solitarily, A Future Renounced'
Breaking their nine-year silence, KRIEG is back in the spotlight with a new single, 'Solitarily, A Future Renounced'. This track is a precursor to their eagerly anticipated album, 'Ruiner'. With recording and mixing executed by their guitarist A. Poole and mastering by Dan Lowndes, the album promises to be a masterclass in black metal. The cover art, crafted by Rob Sheyder, adds another layer of mystique to this release. 'Ruiner' is scheduled for an October 13th release by Profound Lore. Don't miss the single streaming on platforms like YouTube and Spotify.
Frontman Neill Jameson:
“Thematically and sonically this song is meant to pull myself back through almost thirty years of whatever you want to call it, my life’s work I suppose, to the moment when I was sitting in my room listening to Pentagram over and over and deciding that this was how I planned to shape, break and rebuild my life. There are very obvious nods to the Norse bands of the second wave, which is supposed to be taboo for American bands, but I’ve really given up caring about the rulebook written by what amounts to social clubs. This is the black metal I wanted to hear when I was sixteen, finally given life twenty-eight years later.”