KRIGSGRAV unveils entire new album 'Fires in the Fall'
Texas-based trio KRIGSGRAV is now streaming the entirety of their new album, 'Fires in the Fall', via Metal Injection. Slated for release on June 23rd, 2023, the album is to be launched under the banner of Wise Blood Records.
You can listen to the new album here:
As wildfires rage and skies darken, KRIGSGRAV returns with an eternally doomed black metal masterpiece. The album emerges from the smoke to join Wise Blood's collection of sonic explorations on June 23rd, 2023.
Since its formation in 2004 by D. Sikora, KRIGSGRAV has been redefining the boundaries of black metal and melodic death/doom. Hot on the heels of their 2021 album, 'The Sundering', the band didn't skip a beat in crafting its successor.
Speaking about the new album, J. Coleman reveals, 'We wrote ‘Fires in the Fall’ almost immediately after we completed writing The Sundering, so it almost feels like a double album, but they are very different. We aimed to make Fires in the Fall more atmospheric, with a greater emphasis on tempo changes and haunting melodies.'
Fires in the Fall bridges the chasm between doom and black metal, appealing to fans of AGALLOCH, MOTHER OF GRAVES, and MY DYING BRIDE alike. The album—named after a Robert Louis Stevenson poem—highlights beauty found in the world's darkest corners and promises to be as intense as anything in KRIGSGRAV’s stellar discography.
Be ready for 'Fires in the Fall' as it lights up the world on June 23rd, 2023. Vinyl, CD, and cassette formats featuring striking artwork by Cameron Hinojosa will be released via Wise Blood Records.