MOON INCARNATE Unveils 'Hymns to the Moon' Debut
MOON INCARNATE, the emerging death/doom force from Germany, is set to release their eagerly awaited debut full-length album, 'Hymns to the Moon', on March 22nd through Iron Bonehead Productions. This release promises to be a profound exploration of dark themes and powerful soundscapes, showcasing the band's ability to blend heavy doom-laden riffs with the aggression of death metal.
The album kicks off with the title track 'Hymn To The Moon', immediately setting a somber and immersive tone for the journey ahead. Followed by 'The Tempest' and 'A Knight's Death', the album delves deeper into tales of darkness and despair. 'Nemesis' continues the narrative with its menacing presence, leading into 'A Graveyard In My Soul', a track that encapsulates the band's introspective and melancholic side.
'Minotaur' and 'The Kraken' conclude the album, offering epic tales of myth and monstrosity, wrapped in MOON INCARNATE's signature sound. With 'Hymns to the Moon', MOON INCARNATE invites listeners into a world of mythic proportions, blending storytelling with crushing riffs and atmospheric doom.
As MOON INCARNATE's debut offering, 'Hymns to the Moon' stands as a testament to the band's potential and creativity within the death/doom genre. Fans of dark, heavy music are in for a treat as MOON INCARNATE embarks on this sonic journey, marking a significant new chapter for the band and for fans alike.