MYSTFALL drops captivating new single 'Centuries'
MYSTFALL, the rising force in the international metal scene, have unveiled their second single, 'Centuries', off the much-awaited debut album 'Celestial Vision'. Set for release on July 21st via Scarlet Records, 'Celestial Vision' is a testament to MYSTFALL's ability to seamlessly blend traditional symphonic metal soundscapes with a melodramatic edge.
'Centuries', now available for streaming, features the ensemble's signature elements - catchy melodies, captivating choirs, and tasteful orchestral arrangements. These are layered with influences from diverse musical styles, including battle, cinematic, Celtic, and classic music, producing an immersive sonic experience.
Frontwoman Marialena Trikoglou's superb and touching voice adds depth to the compositions, bringing each song to life. As a thematic exploration, 'Celestial Vision' dives deep into the philosophical, embarking on a quest to understand the perennial question of life's meaning. The album, with production and mastering by Dionisis Christodoulatos at CFN Recording Studio and artwork by Sevi Spanou/Dimons Creative Studios, promises a melodically rich and thought-provoking journey for metal enthusiasts.
Marialena Trikoglou – vocals
Kostas Mexis – vocals
Panagiotis Leontaritis – guitar
Dida Racotoarison – keyboards
Antonis Desousis – bass
Manos Agouridis – drums