NERVOSA announced their new guitarist, Helena Kotina

NERVOSA, the Brazilian thrash metal band, has announced their newest addition to the line-up: guitarist Helena Kotina. After the departure of former guitarist Karen Ramos in 2020, the band decided to stay as a trio for logistical reasons. However, with the release of their album "Perpetual Chaos" in March 2021, frontman Prika Amaral thought of adding a second guitarist to the mix in order to fully realize their sound and expand the possibilities for their music.

After a few months since the release of NERVOSA's album "Perpetual Chaos" in March of 2021, founder and guitarist Prika Amaral has called upon Helena to join Nervosa, and the two have been working diligently to compose a brand new album. Then, Mia, the band's bass player, was unable to come to tour Latin America, so Prika thought of asking Helena to come to play bass and have her first touring experience with Nervosa. Helena readily accepted, and is now busy preparing for what will surely be an unforgettable experience.

Helena and Prika have since been composing a new album together and Helena will partake in NERVOSA's first touring experience in Latin America at the end of 2022. This adds an exciting new element to the band and fans of NERVOSA will be eager to see what Helena brings to the table. 

The addition of Helena to NERVOSA marks an exciting new chapter in the metal world and beyond. With her incredible talent and unique sound, NERVOSA is poised to make waves and create a lasting impact on the music industry. As the band continues to innovate and explore new musical terrain, fans can expect an incredible journey ahead. So stay tuned for the next chapter of NERVOSA- it is sure to be a wild ride!