SALEM BURNING unleashes epic symphony with 'Immortalia Et Imperium Mortis' Full-Album Stream
SALEM BURNING, the captivating symphonic blackened deathcore outfit hailing from Brownsville, Texas and Tampa, Florida, invites fans on an immersive musical journey with their newest release, "Immortalia Et Imperium Mortis." The album, which dropped on May 21, 2023, showcases the band's immense talent and intricate compositions that merge symphonic elements with the ferocity of blackened deathcore.
Listeners can now experience the grandeur of "Immortalia Et Imperium Mortis" in its entirety as Salem Burning premieres the full-album stream on YouTube. From haunting melodies to bone-crushing riffs, this album displays the band's mastery of crafting a sonic landscape that captivates and enthralls.
1. The charnel god (Mordiggian) feat. Ferni Gonzalez
2. Father of serpents (Yig)
3. Crawling chaos (Nyarlathotep)
4. Bringer of plagues (Hastur)
5. The black goat of the woods with a thousand young (Shub-niggurath)
6. The defiler (Y'golonac)
7. Hunter, of the great abyss (Nodens)
8. The high priest of the great old ones (Cthulhu)
9. The dunwitch horror (Wilbur Whateley) feat. Dillon Skuta
10. Demon sultan lord of all (Azathoth)