SIGH's first live single 'Mayonaka No Kaii' hints at spectral experience
Hot on the heels of announcing their new live album, 'Live: Eastern Forces Of Evil 2022', SIGH, the legendary Japanese Black/Avant-garde Metal band, have released their first single 'Mayonaka Νo Kaii'. The live album, a nod to their passionate live performances, is set to hit the shelves on June 16th via Peaceville Records.
'Mayonaka Νo Kaii', originating from the 2022 'Shiki' album, carries a spectral ambiance, a testament to an eerie personal encounter of SIGH's own Mirai. The track offers fans a glimpse into the unique sonic atmosphere that characterizes SIGH's much-anticipated live album.
As the clock struck midnight, Mirai recalls waking up, making a quick trip to the bathroom, and then falling back into a deep sleep. Upon what felt like hours later, he woke up to find the time still stuck at exactly 00:00 am. Both his clock and phone corroborated this inexplicable occurrence, rendering the experience otherworldly and truly spine-chilling.
Detailing the occurrence, Mirai explains, ''Mayonaka No Kaii', based on this mysterious event, is my favorite track from 'Shiki'. It encompasses all elements of SIGH, from the hammond solo, shakuhachi solo, flute solo, to the vocoder. It's not just an enjoyable song to play but also serves as a potent adrenaline rush, especially towards the end.'
Mirai further reflects on the unnerving incident that inspired the song, asserting, 'This was the first experience in my life which I cannot logically explain at all. It was so scary.' He invites fans to share any similar eerie stories.
As fans eagerly await 'Live: Eastern Forces Of Evil 2022', the release of 'Mayonaka no Kaii' hints at the thrilling experiences that lie ahead. With a host of intriguing songs on the tracklist, including 'Touji no Asa', 'A Victory of Dakini', and 'Purgatorium', this live album is set to mark another significant milestone in SIGH's illustrious musical journey.
Live: Eastern Forces Of Evil 2022” track listing:
Touji no Asa
A Victory of Dakini
The Transfiguration Fear
Kuroi Kage
Mayonaka no Kaii
The Soul Grave
Inked in Blood
Evil Dead