SLAMYVOCALS' 'Dying Sun' single and video premiere
The German-Hungarian experimental deathcore group SLAMYVOCALS has just premiered their groundbreaking new single and music video, 'Dying Sun'. The release, streaming now on YouTube and Spotify, marks a significant evolution in the band's sound and visual storytelling.
'Dying Sun', featuring the guest appearance of Kiryu Zhang from Dehumanizing Itatrain Worship, showcases SLAMYVOCALS' ability to blend extreme metal with experimental elements, creating a unique and captivating soundscape. The music video enhances the track's intense energy, offering a visual feast that complements the auditory experience.
This latest offering from SLAMYVOCALS is more than just a single; it's a statement of the band's artistic growth and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of the deathcore genre. Fans and newcomers alike will find 'Dying Sun' a compelling and immersive experience, solidifying SLAMYVOCALS' position as a force to be reckoned with in the world of experimental deathcore.