STARGAZER release the single and music video 'Can You Conceive It'

Welcome to the world of STARGAZER! The Norwegian combo is here to bring heavy rock music back to life with their latest single and music video “Can You Conceive It”. We’ve all experienced the longing for something new and different in the genre of rock music, but it seems like it’s been a long time since something truly special has come out. Stargazer is delivering just that with this new single, and it’s sure to turn some heads.

“Can You Conceive It” is a heavy rock tune with all the necessary elements in the right places, and you can watch it right here: 

Following the release of their last album, "The Sky is the Limit," the Norwegian band STARGAZER came to the attention of Hard Rock music fans all around the globe. The band was heralded by many as a promising one to keep an eye on. They had a lot of positive feedback from people all across the western globe, and they were prepared to take on the rest of the world for major touring back in the late year of 2019. However, thanks to Covid-19, serious touring came to an abrupt halt for practically every band in 2020-21, and STARGAZER was not an exception.

In conclusion, "Life Will Never Be The Same" is a beautifully crafted album that showcases STARGAZER's growth and evolution as an artist. With its unique blend of genres, masterful engineering and production by William at Jedimasterstudios, Trondheim, and Soren Andersen's subtle touch in Medley Studios, Copenhagen, this album is sure to stand the test of time and be remembered as a classic.