STATE OF DECEIT Unleash 'At What Cost?' Music Video
Emerging from the United Kingdom, STATE OF DECEIT, the mighty confluence of metalcore, thrash, and groove, have premiered a hard-hitting music video and single, 'At What Cost?'. This powerful offering is the second to be unveiled from their anticipated LP album, 'Stalked by Daemons', set for release on October 13, 2023, via Eclipse Records.
With mastermind Tim Hamill (Anterior) at the helm, the album was created at Sonic One Studio. The stirring music video was brought to life under the guidance of director Aiden Thomas.
The song, a heartfelt outcry against the profiteering and politicking of the health system, finds its voice in lead vocalist Pete Scammell. Reflecting on his personal experiences with diabetes and the grossly inflated insulin prices in the United States, Scammell's powerful lyrics resonate with listeners far and wide. Coupled with bassist Davide Santini's concepts and the plague doctor's character symbolizing the malevolent entities exploiting the system, the music video adds a chillingly powerful visual layer to the song.
STATE OF DECEIT's forthcoming album, 'Stalked by Daemons', features stunning artwork by Pierre-Alain D of 3mmi Design and packs a punch with ten brutal songs. This record captures the quintessence of metalcore, thrash, and groove, often shifting in style and texture in a startling yet utterly gratifying manner.
The band's intricate rhythm tracks continuously evolve, creating a mosaic of sound that is as fascinating as it is dynamic. The blistering guitar solos are akin to raw, passionate strokes of an artist, leaving scars that are aesthetically pleasing. Their growl vocals, rich harmonies, and daring chorus-work tell a story that is unapologetically bold.
At their heart, STATE OF DECEIT embody the essence of metal - unapologetically raw and resolute. They stand as a testament to the belief that perseverance and dedication can turn anyone into a superstar. The band's distinct layering technique on 'Stalked by Daemons' offers a unique invitation into their world, allowing listeners to experience their creative process, one riff at a time.