STYGIAN FAIR announce new album entitled 'Aradia'
Sweden’s STYGIAN FAIR will be releasing its new album entitled “Aradia” this coming August via Rockshots Records. It is the band’s fourth full-length and follows “Equilibrium” (2021), “Nadir” (2020), and the debut “Panta Rei” (2018).
Formed originally in Umeå, Sweden, Stygian Fair’s new album “Aradia” features new vocalist/guitarist Andreas Stoltz (Binary Creed, Hollow) along with Emil Holmqvist (Guitar), Anders Hedman (Bass), and P-O Jonsson (Drums). The music is heavy, pondering, and a unique blend of new and old, heavy epic metal.
“We think the fans will recognize the style of Stygian Fair. There are a lot of strong tracks on the album and it’s also very varied.” 
Featuring 10 tracks of assorted AOR melodic metal, this album will touch and transport listeners to a place where melodies, words, and musicianship become emotion and images.
“We rely on good melodies and the rhythm section is, as from the beginning, vital to the band’s sound. Now that Andreas is in the band there is more room to play around with the guitar parts, so that might be something different on this album. But we think that old fans won’t be disappointed with Aradia!”
“Aradia” is a monument of honest metal. The band has no ambition of jumping aboard any current music fads but does whatever they like and feel works when they play together. There are softer songs and heavier songs, but all of them will convey something to fans, especially those who enjoy Rush, Memento Mori, or Tad Morose.
“Aradia is one of those albums you’ll return to many, many times. We’ve made it heavy, metal, and totally honest. There’s beauty here, there’s sadness, anger, loss, and longing. Things you’ll be able to relate to. That’s important to Stygian Fair since you’re important to us. Why else would we be doing this? We’re really pleased with the diversity of the songs: plenty of heavy guitars, drums that propel and persuade, a bass that moves and grooves plus of course singing that speaks to your soul in whispers and screams. We think you’ll like it!” 
The band’s first single and title track is now available to hear and is being unveiled with an accompanying music video.
Stygian Fair comments:
“Aradia is based upon a 20-year-old riff and it’s great that it finally evolved into a full song. Now it’s really a band effort with all members participating with their individual expression. We think Aradia conveys the urgency and mood of a clandestine coven, worshipping the many deities of Mother Nature. With all that’s going on with the climate a greater respect for Her is definitely called for.”