TERATOCARCINOMAS unleash sonic carnage with "Caustic Soda" full-album stream
Tupelo, Mississippi-based slamming brutal death metal powerhouse TERATOCARCINOMAS is ready to decimate eardrums with their latest offering, the 3-track EP titled "Caustic Soda." Fans of relentless brutality and bone-crushing heaviness will find solace in the sonic onslaught delivered by TERATOCARCINOMAS.
Now, listeners can experience the full force of "Caustic Soda" as TERATOCARCINOMAS premieres the full-album stream on both YouTube and Spotify. Prepare to be engulfed by a whirlwind of aggressive riffs, pulverizing drumming, and guttural vocals that will leave you gasping for air.
1. Cannibal Cult
2. Chemical Corrosion Of The Esophagus
3. 12 Gauge Lobotomy
With their uncompromising approach to slamming brutal death metal, TERATOCARCINOMAS leaves no room for subtlety or mercy. Each track on "Caustic Soda" is a testament to their unyielding dedication to sonic carnage and their ability to create aural devastation.
Embrace the chaos and immerse yourself in the unrelenting heaviness of TERATOCARCINOMAS' "Caustic Soda." Let the crushing weight of their music wash over you, leaving you both exhilarated and in awe of their sonic prowess.