THULCANDRA captivates with visualizer for 'On The Wings of Cosmic Fire'
May 19th witnessed the heavy-hitting Black/Death Metal band THULCANDRA unleashing their new album 'Hail The Abyss' via Napal Records. Celebrating this milestone, the band has also released a captivating visualizer for their track 'On The Wings Of Cosmic Fire', providing a visual counterpart to their mesmerizing audio craftsmanship.
Steffen Kummerer, the frontman of THULCANDRA, speaks highly of their fifth album, 'Hail The Abyss'. He describes it as a diverse record that perfectly blends Black and Death Metal with the twin guitars of classic Heavy Metal. 'Hail The Abyss' not only boasts an exceptional mix by Dan Swanö but also highlights the skills of each individual musician. Steffen sees this record as a notable highlight in THULCANDRA's two-decade-long career.
The album 'Hail The Abyss' stands as a testament to THULCANDRA's love for dark, aggressive, and melodious Metal. It strikes with the intensity of hell while maintaining a uniquely old-school vibe, avoiding any overused clichés. THULCANDRA's music always carries a distinct feel that fans have come to know and love.
THULCANDRA's journey to prominence began with their 2010 debut album 'Fallen Angel's Dominion'. Led by founding member and visionary Steffen Kummerer, who also leads OBSCURA, THULCANDRA has consistently tightened their hold on blackened death metal. Their subsequent releases, including 'Under A Frozen Sun' (2011), 'Ascension Lost' (2015), and the chart-topping 2021 release 'A Dying Wish' have cemented THULCANDRA's reputation as a dominant force. They expertly carry forward the magic and mystery of mid-'90s melodic black-death metal into the modern era.
'In the Eye of Heaven', 'Velvet Damnation', 'Acheronian Cult', 'In Darkness We Descend', and 'The Final Closure' are among the dynamic tracks that fans can look forward to in 'Hail The Abyss'. This album certainly marks a new era for THULCANDRA, promising to leave a lasting impression on Black/Death Metal fans worldwide.
“Hail The Abyss” track listing:
In the Eye of Heaven
Hail the Abyss
At Night
Velvet Damnation
On the Wings of Cosmic Fire
Acheronian Cult
As I Walk Through the Gateway
Blood of Slaves
In Darkness We Descend
The Final Closure
The Second Fall (live)
Deliverance in Sin and Death (live)