TILL THE DIRT Makes a Grand Debut with 'Starring Role'
TILL THE DIRT, an experimental group led by ATHEIST's lead vocalist Kelly Shaefer, has introduced their captivating new song 'Starring Role'. The track will make its appearance on the band's much-awaited debut album, 'Outside The Spiral', which is all set to hit the stores on August 25th via Nuclear Blast.
Kelly Shaefer expressed his excitement about the song and the upcoming album, stating 'Starring Role‘ is the first track on the album. It ranks among my favourites on the record, and also a favorite of producer Scott Burns. It's a straight up ripper! It encompasses all of the unique hybrid qualities of this whole album. Lyrically it is a song about the oddness of dreams and the role we sometimes do not seem to play, or understand as we awake from them. This is a perfect banger for cranking loud, and driving at high speeds!'