ULTIMATUM's Cult Classic 'Among Potential States' Reborn
ULTIMATUM, hailing from Timisoara, Romania, has re-released their iconic 1996 album 'Among Potential States', the first Romanian death metal album, in a remastered version. This cult classic, now available through Loud Rage Music, retains its original essence while enhancing its sound dynamics.
Released initially in 1996, 'Among Potential States' by ULTIMATUM stood out in the Romanian metal scene as the first of its kind. The album was notable for blending classical death metal with progressive influences and atmospheric keyboard themes. This unique fusion created a diverse soundscape, ranging from somber to dark passages. The lyrics, inspired by personal experiences and contemporary societal frustrations, complement the music, offering a philosophical interpretation of human behavior and emotions.
The 2023 remaster of this seminal work focuses on refining the tracks without re-recording them, staying true to the original sound of the 1990s metal era. This decision by ULTIMATUM members, who have remained in contact since their disbandment in 1996, ensures the authenticity and originality of this release.
The remastered title track of 'Among Potential States' offers a glimpse into this refreshed classic. ULTIMATUM extends their gratitude to those who made this project possible, including their producer Adrian of Loud Rage Music, sound engineers Edmond Karban (Hupogrammos) and Cristian Popescu (Sol Faur) of Dordeduh, and Cristian Giorgievici of former Neurotica. The band also acknowledges the early work on the sound, cover design by Sever Roman, and the support from fans and supporters over the years.
This reissue invites fans to travel back to 1996, experiencing ULTIMATUM's music in its purest form, still pulsating with the heart and soul of the band's original vision.
Here’s what the band had to say about it: “Our acknowledgement goes to great people that made this project possible and that we were lucky to have around, from our newer producer long time Metal fan Adrian of the underground growing label of Loud Rage Music, to the sound engineering friends Edmond Karban (Hupogrammos) and Cristian Popescu (Sol Faur) of Dordeduh and Cristian Giorgievici of former Neurotica for the early work on the sound, to the cover design by our old fellow Sever Roman and to all of our supporters and fans that consistently asked questions about ULTIMATUM during the past decades. Here it is, for you to travel 28 years back in time, for a Metal experience still pulsating form ULTIMATUM’s hearts, in its purest state of 1996!”