VACANT VOICE Releases Brilliant Debut Album 'Cathartic Beauty'
After an exciting streak of single releases, VACANT VOICE from Wisconsin has unveiled their debut record 'Cathartic Beauty'. Defined by a dynamic range of captivating structure, high-flying melodies, and punishing riffage, this eight-track album marks a new era for the band.
'Cathartic Beauty' stands as a testament to the band's unique sound and the future that lies ahead. The album was recently premiered via Metal Underground, where the band's dynamic and alluring music has been highlighted. This debut record is expected to be a significant milestone in their musical journey, establishing VACANT VOICE as a force to be reckoned with in the heavy music scene.
The album can be found on all major platforms as well as the band's Bandcamp page. Stay connected with VACANT VOICE on their social media channels to be part of their exciting musical journey.