VLAD IN TEARS' New Single 'Hear Me Out' Unveiled
VLAD IN TEARS has just unveiled their new single 'Hear Me Out', a deeply introspective track from their forthcoming album 'Relapse', set to release on March 8, 2024, via Metalville Records. This song delves into the complexities of our inner demons and the convergence of good and evil within us.
Following the success of their 2022 album 'Porpora', VLAD IN TEARS has forged a deeper connection with their fans, receiving heartfelt messages about personal struggles and battles. 'Relapse', their ninth studio album, is a tribute to those still fighting, those yet to triumph, and those yearning to be heard. It's a compilation of global stories, each crying out for recognition and understanding.
The creation of 'Relapse' was a year-long journey for the band members. Last summer, Kris and his brothers Alessio and Dario spent ten days consecutively at Kris’ personal recording studio, reigniting the unique magic that comes from their bond as siblings fully immersed in their music. Kris Vlad, commenting on this experience, shared how this undisturbed focus allowed them to channel the true essence of their musical connection.
Post-recording, VLAD IN TEARS collaborated with Alessandro from 'Escape Room Records', who helped craft a robust and impressive sound for the album. Notably, 'Relapse' is distinguished as their rockiest album yet, surprisingly devoid of any synth instruments, except for one fully electronic track.
In an exciting move for fans, VLAD IN TEARS has recorded acoustic versions of 9 out of the 11 new songs. These acoustic renditions will be exclusively available as part of a limited Fan-Box, offering a unique listening experience and a closer look into the soul of the band.
Break Away
Broken Bones
Day By Day
Dig Deep
Fight For Another Day
Hear Me Out
Live Again
Me Myself And I
Not Good Enough
Kris Vlad – Vocals
D. Vlad – Bass Guitar
Lex Vlad – Guitar