New Metal Albums Releases (page 10)

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Metal Classic, Classic Metal September 12, 2022 Apocalyptica Metal Classic, Classic Metal Label: Harmageddon Records
Live at Sonic Whip 2022 September 09, 2022 Kal-El Live at Sonic Whip 2022 Label: Roadburn Records
Empyrean September 09, 2022 Fallujah Empyrean Label: Nuclear Blast
Ruska September 06, 2022 Vermilia Ruska Label: Independent
Live at Paradiso September 02, 2022 Epica Live at Paradiso Label: Nuclear Blast
Blackbraid I August 26, 2022 Blackbraid Blackbraid I Label: Independent
Death Siege August 26, 2022 Hierophant Death Siege Label: Season of Mist Underground Activists
Of Kingdom and Crown August 26, 2022 Machine Head Of Kingdom and Crown Label: Nuclear Blast
Shiki August 26, 2022 Sigh Shiki Label: Peaceville Records
Deader than Dead August 25, 2022 Semi-Rotted Deader than Dead Label: Chop Chop Records
Övergivenheten August 19, 2022 Soilwork Övergivenheten Label: Nuclear Blast
Cyan Night Dreams August 19, 2022 Parasite Inc. Cyan Night Dreams Label: Reaper Entertainment
20 Centuries Gone August 19, 2022 Spirit Adrift 20 Centuries Gone Label: Century Media Records
Molten Husk August 19, 2022 Abest Molten Husk Label: Moment of Collapse Records
Dawnbringer August 18, 2022 Dragon Throne Dawnbringer Label: Independent
Days of the Lost August 12, 2022 The Halo Effect Days of the Lost Label: Nuclear Blast
Unsolved August 11, 2022 Welcome to Pleshiwar Unsolved Label: Independent
The Monumental Mass: A Cinematic Metal Event August 07, 2022 Powerwolf The Monumental Mass: A Cinematic Metal Event Label: Napalm Records
Immorality August 06, 2022 Deathroll Immorality Label: STF Records
Constructing the Cataclysm August 05, 2022 Shuriken Cadaveric Entwinement Constructing the Cataclysm Label: Comatose Music
Totem August 05, 2022 Soulfly Totem Label: Nuclear Blast
The Great Heathen Army August 05, 2022 Amon Amarth The Great Heathen Army Label: Metal Blade Records
Mortem Solis July 29, 2022 Krisiun Mortem Solis Label: Century Media Records