BEHIND THE HORROR unveil the single 'Outland'

With influences from big names like Sepultura, Metallica, and Death, BEHIND THE HORROR has created a unique vision of modern metal that goes beyond conventional metal.

These days, BEHIND THE HORROR works on their first full-length album. They have just released their first single, 'Outland'. The song is the first movement of the band's debut album, which will be released later this year.  You can listen here the song:

Founded by brothers Gabriel Alves (guitar and vocals) and Lucas Alves (drums), BEHIND THE HORROR has created a unique blend of old thrash metal and progressive metal arrangements, creating a modern sound that is not only characterized by variation and reasonable arrangements and skill, but also has a lot to say lyrically and vocally. 

Originally from Brazil and established in New Jersey (USA), the duo laid the foundations for their musical career with the EP '… And The Horror Begins’, released in 2013, and now they’re back with new work, the debut album 'which will be released in the coming months. The songs are conceived from long jam sessions, blasting riffs, mixing, and transforming everything until it fits.

The band has already received praise from Max Cavalera, who sent a video message to the brothers wishing them success:

If, like us, you happen to be a fan of the classics, but are looking for something that carves its own niche, BEHIND THE HORROR is made for you. These guys represent the next generation of musicians who want to take their sound back to the roots of what rock was meant to be. Appealing to fans of many genres, this group will make your head bang and your heart sing with their incredible sound.