CONTROL THE DEVASTATOR is proud to present their new single, 'Rift'

Death-metal band CONTROL THE DEVASTATOR has released a single and music video for the song "Rift". It will be on their upcoming new album, Dark Rift, scheduled for release on March 24, 2023 through Terminus Hate City.

The single and music video for "Rift" marks a significant moment for CONTROL THE DEVASTATOR, as it is the first taste of their new music that fans have been able to hear. The band is known for their aggressive and intense sound, and "Rift" is no exception. The song features heavy guitar riffs, blistering drums, and guttural vocals, all of which combine to create a sonic assault that is sure to get fans of the death-metal genre pumped up.

The release of "Rift" and its accompanying music video is a major milestone for CONTROL THE DEVASTATOR, and with its blistering death-metal sound, it shows that the band is fully committed to delivering an intense and aggressive sound to their fans. This is just the beginning for CONTROL THE DEVASTATOR, and the future looks bright for this talented group.