CREMATORY announce 'Tears of Time' re-release in German - 'Tränen der Zeit'

Germany’s Gothic Metal pioneers, CREMATORY, are about to release their highly-anticipated 16th studio album next Friday! 'Inglorious Darkness' reflects 30 plus years of experience of a band that is widely known for its amazing live shows. To celebrate the release day and the band’s signature track “Tränen der Zeit” aka “Tears of Time” of this album and from 1996’s classic 'Illusions', CREMATORY re-recorded the song in German and released it today.

CREMATORY states on “Tränen der Zeit”:

After years of the begging and pleading of our fans and on the occasion of the 30th band anniversary, we decided to re-record and rework our hit ‘Tears of Time’ as the German version, entitled ‘Tränen der Zeit’.
This song helped us to breakthrough worldwide and we think that now is exactly the right time to fulfill the wishes of our fans and thank them for the sensational 30 years of support. Therefore, we have also shot a video and will present the song live in a German-English mix!

Watch the music video here: