DESCENT's 'Far From Glory' Lyric Video Launches
DESCENT has recently released the official lyric video for 'Far From Glory', a compelling track from their self-titled EP. This release marks a significant chapter in their musical journey, showcasing a resurgence in the metal genre. The band has taken a bold step in their creative process, blending traditional and contemporary recording techniques to forge a unique sound.
The recording of the EP, conducted in the intimate setting of Mike’s home studio, adds an authentic and personal touch to their music. This choice reflects DESCENT's preference for a raw and genuine sound, moving away from the trend of excessive studio manipulation.
'Far From Glory' stands as a testament to DESCENT's commitment to their art, embodying the spirit of their musical evolution. The lyric video brings an additional layer of depth to the song, allowing fans to connect more deeply with the lyrics and the emotion behind them.
This release by DESCENT is not just a new addition to their discography but a statement of their dedication to evolving and refining their sound. It's an invitation to listeners to experience the band's journey and be part of their ongoing evolution in the metal realm.