EMERGENCY RULE's New Hit 'Corporation' Confronts Greed
Australian Metal/Hard Rock sensation EMERGENCY RULE has released a new lyric video for 'Corporation', a track from their upcoming album 'The King of Ithaca', set to release on February 9, 2024. The song offers a deep dive into the destructive effects of corporate greed on society, touching upon themes of avarice, profit-driven motives, and the resulting dire consequences for humanity.
'Corporation' is not just a musical piece; it's a poignant critique of contemporary societal issues. EMERGENCY RULE skillfully uses their music as a medium to portray the troubling impact of corporate entities, from the exploitation of resources to the undermining of democratic principles. The song powerfully conveys the band's perspective on the dangerous path society is treading, one that is increasingly marked by a loss of human values in the face of relentless corporate agendas.
This new release from EMERGENCY RULE is more than just an addition to their discography. It represents the band's commitment to addressing real-world issues through their art, highlighting the urgent need for change in a world dominated by profit-centric ideologies. 'Corporation' is a call to listeners to acknowledge and act against these challenges, making it a significant and timely contribution to the discourse on corporate dominance and its effects on global society.