ENEMY OF REALITY have announced their new album, 'Where Truth May Lie'

The follow-up to the second album 'Arakhne', the third album of ENEMY OF REALITY, 'Where Truth May Lie', is a full concept album based on a fictional story set in ancient Greece. The protagonist, a Priest, is trying to make sense of a series of tragic events that have upended his life. He meets creatures known as Satyrs, who tell him that the only truth is hidden in music, dance, wine, and erotic pleasures. To create a unique soundscape, the band recorded parts of traditional string instruments, as well as an ancient Greek wind instrument called an Avlos.

You can see the music video for the band's leading single 'Serenade of Death', which was released a few days ago on YouTube.

The song "Serenade of Death" narrates the tragedy of a mother and daughter who perished together in a house of worship when the flames from their offering candles consumed them. When the terrible father, the Priest, finally came back, all that was left of them was a lump of coal and a few ashes. What a cruel twist of fate that the same gods you pray to deny you everything you hold dear. Crying and laughing hysterically, he knelt over the remains of his life's possessions. His belief was extinguished on this funeral pyre.

'Where Truth May Lie' tracklist:

01. Final Prayer

02. Downfall

03. At the Edge of Madness

04. The Vineyard Song

05. Serenade of Death

06. Ever-lusting

07. Tears of Echo

08. Long-forgotten

09. Deliverance

10. Goat-legged Deceiver

11. Baptised in Fire