GRYMHEART Releases Haunting Video for 'To Die by the Succubus'
In an exciting development, Budapest-based melodic death metal band GRYMHEART has unveiled the video for their first single 'To Die by the Succubus'. This track is a captivating glimpse into their debut album 'Hellish Hunt', scheduled for release on September 22nd via Scarlet Records.
Bearing the energy of power metal, the harmonies of folk metal, the grandeur of symphonic metal, and the screaming vocals of death metal, GRYMHEART presents a unique sound. Their music is a medley of catchy melodies that are sure to get stuck in your head, with fast and uplifting tracks, punctuated by slower sections with a darker mood.
Every song by GRYMHEART takes inspiration from iconic monster & demon hunter characters like The Witcher, Solomon Kane, Van Helsing, etc. Each song narrates tales of mystical creatures like ghosts, Succubus, the living dead, Ignis Fatuus, or harpies. The band's image and overall concept open up a hunt for the listeners, ready to navigate their lyrical world. GRYMHEART is led by Gábor Kovács (Gabriel Blacksmith), the founder of Hungarian power metal legends Wisdom.
Gabriel Blacksmith – guitar, vocals
Dargor Rivgahr – guitar
V’arhel – bass
Sorin Nalaar – drums