HAUST's 'Negative Music' Album Revives Dark Themes
Norwegian black-metal/punk legends HAUST are making a grand return with their original lineup for the first time in nearly 14 years since their last studio album 'Powers of Horror', released in 2010.
The original members of HAUST – Ruben Willem, Dag Otto Basgård, Pål Bredup, and Vebjørn Guttormsgaard Møllberg – had a reunion in 2018 for the 10th anniversary of their debut album 'Ride The Relapse'. This legendary live performance ignited the spark for a new album, leading to the creation of 'Negative Music'. Set for release on April 19 on Fysisk Format, the album embodies everything HAUST represents: themes of negativity, death, and corruption, with a sound that's more aggressive, noisy, and catchy than ever.
The album's lead single, 'Dead Ringer', featuring Ivar Nikolaisen of Kvelertak and The Good The Bad and The Zugly on vocals, marks a return to HAUST's dark, horror-inspired roots. The single is currently available for listening and sharing.
Vebjørn describes 'Dead Ringer' as a song about the fear of being buried alive. With HAUST metaphorically rising from the grave with this new release, the single plays on the chilling myth of graves equipped with bells to signal if someone is buried alive.
Fans can expect more singles and details about HAUST's 'Negative Music' in the upcoming days, as the band continues to redefine the black-metal/punk genre.