IN FLAMES unleash new stormy single 'Meet Your Maker'

Swedish metal veterans IN FLAMES have just released a new single, 'Meet Your Maker', from their long-awaited upcoming album 'Foregone'. The single is an incendiary mix of metal thrash and thunderous drums that will leave fans hanging for the release of the full album.

This isn't just any old album from IN FLAMES - it's a masterpiece. Songs like 'Meet Your Maker' or 'Foregone Pt. 2' showcase the band's incomparable power and craftsmanship. With infectious riffs, thunderous drums, and raw emotion at its core, 'Foregone' proves why IN FLAMES still reigns supreme as one of metal music's most influential forces. 

Foregone’s fifth single “Meet Your Maker” is a pulsating track with a raw energy radiating from it. It speaks to the frustration of living in a chaotic, dystopian post-pandemic society, and its hypnotizing power incites feelings of intense anger in its listeners. The song begs us to confront our fears and take a stand against a world that seems determined to keep us down. We are urged to push past the pain, desperation, and isolation to find a way forward - to make a difference. 

This track is more than just music - it’s a powerful call to action. It gives voice to the voiceless, demanding justice and change. We can no longer sit back and let those in power dictate our future - we must resist and reclaim our destiny together. Our hope lies in rising up together and meeting our maker head on.

Frontman Anders Fridén states:

“When we started to write for Foregone, Meet Your Maker became the song that set the tone in terms of what we were aiming for sonically as well as thematically. You’ll see it’s everything you’ve come to expect from In flames and some. Enjoy and see you on the road in 2023!”

IN FLAMES has been successful in creating a unique festival experience for their fans with the return of Dalhalla Brinner this past year. Now, the band is taking it a step further by announcing an extended edition of the event for next summer: Dalhalla Brinner 2023. The two-day music festival will take place in August and promises to be an exciting event filled with amazing acts from top performers, as well as special attractions and activities that will entertain the attendees.