JUDAS PRIEST's Rob Halford Marks 38 Years Sober
JUDAS PRIEST's legendary frontman, Rob Halford, is commemorating a significant personal milestone: 38 years of sobriety. The iconic singer of the heavy metal band has shared an official video message, expressing his gratitude and reflecting on his journey.
Halford extends his thanks to a 'higher power', family, friends, and metal fans worldwide, acknowledging their role in his sober journey. He also gives a special mention to his sponsor, Bob, for gifting him commemorative coins that he cherishes deeply. These tokens symbolize the continuous support and strength he has received over the years.
In his message, Halford emphasizes the importance of living in the present, acknowledging that 'yesterday is gone, tomorrow is uncharted, and today is all that matters.' He highlights the value of simple things in life, such as prayer, self-inventory, making amends, and offering help to others.
Rob Halford's words are a beacon of hope for those walking the same path of sobriety, as well as for those who may be ready to embark on this journey. He describes sobriety as a 'wonderful new life filled with unconditional blessings, love, and acceptance.'
Ending his message with heartfelt thanks and love, Rob Halford's 38-year sobriety anniversary is not just a personal achievement but an inspiring testament to resilience and the power of support in overcoming challenges. His message resonates with many, both within and beyond the metal community.
THis is the original message:
“Hello, everyone. One day at a time for 38 years. Thank you, higher power, family, friends, metal maniacs, my sponsor Bob for gifting me these commemorative coins I treasure.
“Each one of you make this sober birthday happen. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is uncharted. Today is all that matters. Prayer, self-inventory, amending, holding out your hand — the simple things in life mean the most.
“To those of us on this same path we walk together, keep walking. To you who may be ready to take the first step, there’s a wonderful new life of unconditional blessings filled with love and acceptance waiting for you with open arms. I’m lifted up and grateful for every moment I live with you all.
“Thanks again, everyone. I love you very much.”