METALITE Reveals Forthcoming Sci-Fi Album 'Expedition One'
Swedish melodic metal group METALITE announces their upcoming studio album 'Expedition One', scheduled for release via AFM Records in January 2024. The album pre-sale is now live, marking an exciting time for fans of the genre.
'Expedition One' is a concept album that tells a fictional story about life on our planet in 2055. The album showcases the band's impressive musical development and their knack for creating a range of diverse compositions. METALITE's unique sound combines powerful guitar riffs and solos, anthemic melodies from vocalist Erica Ohlsson, driving rhythms, and cleverly positioned keyboard parts. 'In the past four or five years, our sound has evolved considerably,' says Edwin Premberg, the band's mastermind and producer. “The quality of our production in particular has progressed considerably since our debut.”