MOUNTAIN WIZARD DEATH CULT unleashes epic odyssey with 'Orbital'
Returning to the music scene with an artistic grandeur that transcends previous works, MOUNTAIN WIZARD DEATH CULT has recently released 'Orbital', an epic post-metal symphony that mesmerizes with its immersive sonic richness. The 8-minute musical tour de force marks a departure from the band's previous release 'Initiation', swapping relentless intensity for a transformative journey into atmospheric textures and rhythmic power.
'Orbital' explores the band's prowess in evoking aural and emotional heaviness, guiding listeners on a celestial journey that weaves through tranquil stillness and hypnotic chaos. This sonic voyage into the void draws you in and out of your body, as it carefully oscillates between atmospheric tranquility and compelling rhythm.
The band's new video is an aesthetic spectacle, more akin to a short film than a traditional 'video clip'. The carefully composed visuals, ranging from serene stillness to captivating chaos, form a hypnotic accompaniment to the band's latest opus.
In the creation of the visual elements of 'Orbital', MWDC decided to embrace collaboration, entrusting their work to an external perspective. This led to a productive partnership with Chris Elder of Haus Party, known for his work with bands like Northlane, Thy Art is Murder, and Polaris. As expressed by vocalist JJ, this approach of providing an open brief and creative control to Elder, aligns with MWDC's belief in collaborative creativity and the exploration of varying interpretations of their music.
In addition to unveiling 'Orbital', MOUNTAIN WIZARD DEATH CULT has also kicked off their 'Orbital' Australian Tour, aiming to bring their atmospheric post-metal journey to fans in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast this weekend.