QUEENSRYCHE frontman TODD LA TORRE has just released a brand new solo single and video 'Apology'
Check out the official video for the new single, "Apology", below.
Todd teamed up with longtime friend and collaborator Craig Blackwell, alongside Zeuss for mixing and mastering, creating a diverse heavy metal album that draws influence from different styles. These styles will surprise fans who only know La Torre from his previous work with Queensrÿche or Crimson Glory before that.
Rejoice In The Suffering will be released in Europe on April 21 as jewel case CD, limited to 200 copies on Red Opaque double vinyl and limited to 300 copies on White/Red Splatter double vinyl. Pre-order the album here.
"Hellbound And Down"
"Darkened Majesty"
"Crossroads To Insanity"
"Critical Cynic"
"Rejoice In The Suffering"
"Vanguards Of The Dawn Wall"
Bonus tracks:
"Fractured" (Bonus Track)
"Set it Off" (Bonus Track)
"One by One" (Bonus Track)
Rejoice In The Suffering lineup:
Todd La Torre – Vocals / Drums
Craig Blackwell – Guitars / Bass / Keys
Guests on the album:
- Solo appearance by Jordan Ziff on “Rejoice In The Suffering”
- Additional Keys by Asgrim Allen Nunn on “One By One”