REPENTANCE roars back to life with latest single 'Withered & Decayed'
Chicago-based metal powerhouse REPENTANCE is back with a vengeance. With their signature aggressive sound, the band has just unveiled their latest single 'Withered & Decayed' - a striking piece of work that promises an exciting build-up to their forthcoming second full-length album 'The Process Of Human Demise'.
The album, which has been building quite a buzz in the heavy metal community, is set to make its mark on August 4th under the banner of Noble Demon. REPENTANCE has always had a knack for leaving a lasting impact, and if 'Withered & Decayed' is any indication, their newest venture is on track to continue that tradition.
REPENTANCE has stepped up their game even further by teaming up with none other than Fear Factory's Milo Silvestro for this fiery track. The new single serves as a relentless whirlwind, clocking in at 3:42 minutes, dragging listeners into its captivating vortex.
The collaborative venture between REPENTANCE and Silvestro has proven to be an impressive one, showcasing a symbiosis that elevates the single to new heights. The song has been introduced with a brand new music video, adding an additional layer of intensity to the already formidable sound. This not only highlights the band's ability to create compelling visual narratives but also reflects their growth and evolution as an influential force within the metal scene.
The anticipation for REPENTANCE's sophomore album 'The Process Of Human Demise' is palpable, as fans await what promises to be a dark, yet thrilling journey. If 'Withered & Decayed' is a taste of what's to come, then the full album release in August is sure to be a monumental event in the world of heavy metal.