REVOLUTION SAINTS has launched their new single and music video 'Need Each Other'

In November 2022, REVOLUTION SAINTS, the band that was centered on vocalist/drummer Deen Castronovo, made their comeback with a new lineup and a new single titled "Eagle Flight." "Eagle Flight" is the fresh new musical statement that Castronovo and his new bandmates, bassist Jeff Pilson and guitarist Joel Hoekstra, made to announce their entry into the 'newborn band' REVOLUTION SAINTS.

"Need Each Other" is their latest offering, and you can watch it below:

If you're a fan of classic rock, chances are you're already familiar with the amazing talents of Deen Castronovo. A veteran of such bands as Journey, Bad English, and Hardline, Castronovo has been a reliable force behind the drum kit for decades, lending his talents to countless classic hits.

But while most fans know Deen for his drumming, what many may not know is that Deen is also an incredible singer. His background vocals have been a highlight of many Journey performances, and even during shows, he often takes the lead for songs like “Mother, Father”.

It was this remarkable singing talent that caught the attention of Serafino Perugino, President and Head of A&R for Frontiers Records. Determined to give Deen the chance to showcase his voice to the world, Perugino created the band REVOLUTION SAINTS. This hard-hitting supergroup, featuring Deen alongside fellow rock veterans Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio) and Jack Blades (Night Ranger, Damn Yankees), was designed to be the perfect platform to show off Deen's incredible singing.

Joel Hoekstra is a phenomenally talented guitarist who is able to perform in a variety of musical genres. He is now a member of Whitesnake, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and Iconic, in addition to leading his own solo project called Joel Hoekstra's 13, and he is also an accomplished songwriter.

In addition to his current membership in Foreigner, Black Swan, and The End Machine, Jeff Pilson is well-known for his time spent in Dokken as well as his producing work in more recent years. In order for Revolution Saints 2.0 to be successful, it was necessary to have two exceptional musicians that could complement Deen's vocals and drumming, and fortunately, we now have both of those things.

Revolution Saints are:

Deen Castronovo - lead vocals, drums

Joel Hoekstra - guitars

Jeff Pilson - bass