SINNERY Unleashes Thrash Fury in 'Share This'
Thrash metal enthusiasts, prepare for a barrage of relentless fury as SINNERY rolls out their latest EP 'Below the Summit'. Comprising five tracks, the band embodies the raw essence of true thrash, setting up a sonic tempest that will leave fans and critics catching their breath. The EP's debut single, 'Share This', is a hard-hitting commentary on our society's interaction with social media during the early days of Covid.
SINNERY shares their excitement on the new release, stating, 'We're super thrilled to finally put out 'Share This!'. It's a track that surges additional energy into any venue we play, and is likely one of the heaviest pieces we've penned. We aimed to infuse fresh elements into our sound, and this track showcases some standout Sinnery riffs. 'Share This' explores how technological advancement has divested us of our humanity, with social media being a conduit for wild ideas that some simply accept without critical thought.'
Sinnery took shape in mid-2010, following the meeting of Idan and Alon at a music school in Herzliya, Israel. Although their initial attempt at forming a band didn't bear fruit, they reconvened after a few years and shaped the band into its current form. The creation of 'Below The Summit', as per the band, was a consistent and productive process, with each song being meticulously crafted.
Sinnery expresses their belief that the EP's five tracks encapsulate their identity more succinctly than ever. Featuring catchy choruses and heavier segments, the band feels this is their most comprehensive work yet. 'Below The Summit' is a must-listen for fans of Metallica, Power Trip, and Trivium.
'Below The Summit' is slated for release on September 29, 2023, through Exitus Stratagem Records.
'Below The Summit' Track Listing:​
1. Somber
2. An Ode (Knife Of Erato)
3. We Just Want You To
4. Share This
5. Serene
​'Below The Summit' Recording Credits:​
• All songs performed by: Sinnery
• All songs written by: SInnery
• Produced by: Sinnery
• Mixed by: Arie Aranovich
• Mastered by: Arie Aranovich
• EP Artwork by: Xul1349
SINNERY Lineup:​
Alon Karnieli – Vocals & Guitars
Idan Kringel – Guitars
Saar Tuvi – Bass
Liam Fine – Drums