SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION's 'Call of the Cave' EP is out now
The Bulgarian brutality masters, SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION, have just unleashed their latest sonic assault with the full stream of their new EP, 'Call Of The Cave'. Released on January 3, 2024, the Varna-based band continues to redefine the slamming brutal death metal genre.
Listeners can experience the full force of 'Call Of The Cave' on YouTube, where it's streaming in its entirety. The EP showcases the band's relentless energy and innovative approach to death metal. Each track is a testament to the band's skill in weaving complex rhythms with guttural vocals, setting a new standard in the genre.
Fans of SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION are in for a treat as the band delivers a powerful and immersive listening experience. 'Call Of The Cave' is not just an EP; it's a journey through the depths of brutal death metal, crafted by one of the genre's most promising acts. Don't miss this explosive new release from SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION.